Intensive Care First Aid

Designing the brand for a new First Aid and CPR training company.

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Intensive Care First Aid is an emerging First Aid and CPR training company based in Vancouver. The client approached me to design the business' initial brand identity and marketing website. As a new player in a crowded market, the challenge was to design a brand that appeals to up-and-coming health care providers while showing that learning first aid can be fun and insightful.

Defining the brand

After gathering the project requirements and doing preliminary market research, I invited the client to do a half-day workshop on defining the brand. The meeting helped clarify the organization's mission, vision, audience, attributes and personality.

Photos of the workshop
Brand definition workshop done with the client.

Originally, the target customers were split into three groups: health care providers (physicians, nurses, therapists and more), scientific researchers and the general public. With such a broad audience scope, I decided to create two lightweight personas to guide our conversations during the exercises.

User personasUser personas
Personas representing the health care providers and the general public.

The ultimate output of the meeting was a brand guideline document, which summarizes the company's goals, values, voice and tone. It gave the business a strong foundation in knowing how to present itself to the customers.

Brand guidelineBrand guideline
The brand guideline document, which was referenced and iterated upon throughout the design process.

Creating the logo

While designing the logo, I took into consideration that it should be universal, professional and modern. The client and I wanted a sense of “modern professionalism” in the brand aesthetics, aberrating from the rigid and pensive tone of the health industry.

Logo sketchesLogo sketches
Some of the early ideation sketches for the identity.

After many iterations, the final logo is of a stethoscope wrapped around a cross. The shape of the elements is meant to be simple and explicit to help people understand that it is a first aid company taught by health care providers.

Final logo designFinal logo design
The final logo design with margin guidelines.
Business card design
Business card design.

Building the website

The first version of the website was aimed to be a straight-forward introduction to the company and the services it provides. The business goal was to get potential customers (like Mark and Sarah) confident enough about the service to book a session through the contact form. Therefore, I designed and coded a single-page landing experience that leads to the intended call to action.

Website sketches
Early sketches for the layout of the website.
Final website designFinal website design
The website was designed with responsive in mind. All of the visual elements, including the icons and photos, were produced by me to ensure that the site was entirely original.

Open Website


While brand design is not my professional focus, this freelance project allowed me to utilize a breadth of skills I've developed over the years to create a set of polished works that satisfies the business' needs. I've also found the brand definition meeting to be a highlight because of how productive it was to collaborate with the client in a series of short ideation exercises and get a clear picture of the stakeholders' goals.

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