A showcase of an assortment of other projects I did in art, design and technology.

  1. Math Dumb (Android app)
  2. The Inconceivable Future (digital art)
  3. FroshOne (web & graphic design)


Type: Android app
Date: December 2014

Math Dumb is an Android app that lets K-12 students practice their mental math skills in various topics. It helps supplement their learning by providing auto-generated questions. In collaboration with my brother for Univariable, I worked on the interaction design as well as programming parts of the app in Java.

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The Inconceivable Future

Type: Digital art
Year: 2011

A 12-piece digital art collection I did for the concentration portion of my Advanced Placement art portfolio. By compositing images in Photoshop, the work explores a surreal post-apocalyptic future of a world without humans.


Type: Web & graphic Design
Year: 2012

FroshOne was a first-year orientation event for new students coming into the Interactive Arts and Technology program at Simon Fraser University. I developed an information website as well as several custom pin designs in Illustrator. The pins gave each team a distinct identity, and served as mementos for the superhero-themed event.

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